I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the ear popper. I was sceptical at first and very worried about paying so much for something I wasn't sure worked. However I read some of the reviews, which is why I am doing one now, and it helped me decide the risk was worth it.  I had been having trouble with my ear since I had a cold and  one ear was totally blocked for over a month and driving me mad!! I had been to the doctors a few times and nothing was working. Then I stumbled on the ear popper and decided to have a go as nothing else had worked. I waited impatiently for it to come and once I had it literally about four tries and my ear was clear again and I could hear. The relief, I still haven't got over it. I would say if you are undecided it is definitely worth having a go. I had two children who had grommets and I wish I had know about it then it would have saved them surgery and me a fortune. I can't thank you enough. I am spreading the word. a very happy customer.

-- Sarah Vanscolina 23rd March 2016

I have my ear popper for 3 years, and have done extensive flying over this time.  It is the best thing ever invented.  My blocked ears are no longer a problem.  I had to give up flying for over 10 years, as it was too painful and frightening to fly.  The ear popper has totally liberated me.  SO HAPPY

 -- Anne Jones 29 September 2015

G'day. Just a quick thank you. Your device arrived Friday morning. After my first use I had my hearing back. In fact, I had to tell my wife to stop yelling. :-) And our pet lorrikeet is driving me up the wall with his chirping.

Initially I used it three times a day, then since Monday only twice. I have been afflicted with OME or ETD for three and a half months and it was brought on by a nasty flu strain. Each day it is getting less and less and I look forward to being completely free of the symptoms. Last time I had this condition it lasted for seventeen months. So you can understand my delight and relief that the nightmare will shortly be over.

Often both ears pop at the same time, but I still treat each nostril as per instructions. It's a great sensation and so quick.

-- Wayne Zanker 24/09/2014

"Dear Ryan, 

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the EarPopper. I used it on Liam the day it arrived and the results were instantaneous. At first I thought I had hurt him because of the strange look on his face but he was just shocked because he could hear normally again! Everything seemed loud to him, our voices, the TV, regular household noises. He had gone for a couple of months with severely muffled hearing due to stubborn fluid in the ear and we could only talk to him if we were directly in front of him, making eye contact and using raised voices. Not to mention repeating ourselves dozens of times a day.

Well, the difference is nothing short of amazing. After the first treatment I walked behind him and said his name in a normal tone and he responded immediately. He was so happy and of course we were overjoyed ourselves and greatly relieved. He is a different kid now and delighted that he doesn’t have to be right near the teacher anymore to hear what is going on in class, he was so excited to go to school the next day and sit in the back row for once.

I still can’t relate to you how glad I am that I stumbled across this on the net. There needs to be some serious public exposure to this device. It is so simple and effective, no side effects and non-invasive. I will be telling my chiropractor and GP about it for certain. Thanks a million for your great service and you are more than welcome to use this as a testimonial.

Best regards,

Anastasia Bird (and Liam too)"
QLD, Australia (27/10/2007)

The EarPopper eliminated the fluid behind my son's ears and kept him from having a second set of tubes put in to his ears. This is a wonderful product. Thank you so much! I only wish we had known about it sooner.

-- Diana Pemberton

It is definitely helping to clear his ears and improve hearing. 

-- L. Steinhauser

For the first time in years, I flew without pain! Great new device!

-- Sherri Mullen

I have had a problem with my ears since I was a kid and this has corrected the problem.

-- Gary Davis

EarPopper was a very big help in restoring my hearing. No more tubes!

-- Celia Soprych

My son has such a joyous reaction when his ears pop.

-- Tracey Litrell

I had Otitis Media (fluid in the middle ear). EarPopper worked the 1st time I used it! Thank God for EarPopper!

-- Claire Jo Hakun

The instructional DVD was very helpful. My 6 year-old daughter is able to use the EarPopper on her own now.

-- Gail Esterman

[EarPopper] works great. My son says he can hear again! 

-- Extremely satisfied customer

This was a lifesaver for our 8-year old daughter because she was afraid of getting tubes. It was easy to use and worked quickly (within 2 months).

-- Anonymous

My son is Eli and he is 6. Knock on wood, we are almost out of the winter cold months and not a single ear infection since we started using the EarPopper! I love it!

-- Susan Veazey

Thank you for allowing me to travel in airplanes without discomfort again. For years I have had difficulty flying because of pressure build-up in my ears. I read about the EarPopper in the Wall Street Journal, determined to try one, and for the past several months have, in fact, been using it every time I travel by air. It works wonders. In fact, I have just ordered a second EarPopper to have as a spare.

-- A happy EarPopper user from Cambridge, Massachusetts

After just five days of using the Earpopper, my ears have cleared and I have relief for the first time in years – I previously experienced constant blocked ears, moderate-to-severe discomfort due to fullness, reduced hearing, and occasional dizziness and tinnitus.

-- Tamara, Sunshine Coast, QLD. 

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