Patient Stories

"The EarPopper eliminated the fluid behind my son's ears and kept him from having a second set of tubes put in to his ears. This is a wonderful product. Thank you so much! I only wish we had known about it sooner. "

-- Diana Pemberton

"It is definitely helping to clear his ears and improve hearing. "

-- L. Steinhauser

"For the first time in years, I flew without pain! Great new device! "

-- Sherri Mullen

"I have had a problem with my ears since I was a kid and this has corrected the problem."

-- Gary Davis

"EarPopper was a very big help in restoring my hearing. No more tubes!"

-- Celia Soprych

"My son has such a joyous reaction when his ears pop. "
-- Tracey Litrell

"I had Otitis Media (fluid in the middle ear). EarPopper worked the 1st time I used it! Thank God for EarPopper!"
-- Claire Jo Hakun

"The instructional DVD was very helpful. My 6 year-old daughter is able to use the EarPopper on her own now."

-- Gail Esterman

"[EarPopper] works great. My son says he can hear again!"

-- Extremely satisfied customer

"This was a lifesaver for our 8-year old daughter because she was afraid of getting tubes. It was easy to use and worked quickly (within 2 months)."
-- Anonymous

"My son is Eli and he is 6. Knock on wood, we are almost out of the winter cold months and not a single ear infection since we started using the EarPopper! I love it!"
-- Susan Veazey

"Thank you for allowing me to travel in airplanes without discomfort again. For years I have had difficulty flying because of pressure build-up in my ears. I read about the EarPopper in the Wall Street Journal, determined to try one, and for the past several months have, in fact, been using it every time I travel by air. It works wonders. In fact, I have just ordered a second EarPopper to have as a spare."
-- A happy EarPopper user from Cambridge, Massachusetts

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