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The EarPopper is a noninvasive, non-drug related treatment for middle ear problems such as:

 "Recurrent OME in children is a common condition with considerable burden on families in treating the condition. The evidence date suggests that the EarPopperTM may provide a safe and effective treatment option in the short term with minimal clinical impact on health practitioners as it can be used at home." - Conclusion: EarPopperTM for the treatment of otitis media with effusion in children, National Horizon Scanning Unit, Department of Health and Ageing, Dec 2005 (PDF www.health.gov.au).

“Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the EarPopper. I used it on Liam the day it arrived and the results were instantaneous...”
 - Anastasia Bird (
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QLD, Australia (27/10/2007)


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The Ear Popper is a registered Class IIa Medical Device with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, ARTG entry 142722. Visit 'Links' for more information.

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